3 Ways To Achieve A Better Smile

Having a smile you want could take additional time and effort. Many people are simply not born with perfect teeth. There are a number of cosmetic dental procedures that may drastically improve your smile and should be considered. Knowing the ways to enhance the appearance of your smile may motivate you to schedule an appointment with your cosmetic dentist.

Teeth whitening

Getting your teeth whiter is certain to make you feel better about the smile you share with the world. This simple cosmetic procedure may boost your confidence, and even help you be more outgoing.

This process involves plastic trays fitting onto your teeth and being filled with hydrogen peroxide that is highly concentrated.  These will be left on your teeth for a brief period, and your teeth will immediately be whiter once these are removed.

Be sure to ask the dentist if you can take the trays home with you to continue the whitening process on your own time for maintenance.

The average price of this cosmetic dental procedure is $500-$700.


If you want perfect teeth, you should consider getting veneers. These are made of a thin porcelain laminate the will fit over your existing teeth. The average thickness of veneers is .05 millimeters.

The process of getting veneers can be completed in only two visits to your dentist. Some of the benefits of this cosmetic procedure include stronger teeth and being durable. Veneers can last up to ten years and even longer for some people.

You can expect to pay $500-$1,100 per tooth for veneers.

Dental crowns

If you have teeth that have been severely damaged by decay or that have been worn down due to time, you should consider getting dental crowns.

This process will involve the dentist removing the cavity from your tooth and taking an impression of it. The impression will be sent to a dental lab, and the crown will be created. You will be called back into the dentist's office and have the crown cemented onto your tooth.

Dental crowns are durable and can last 15 years or longer. The average price for a crown is $500-$1,500.

Finally, being proud of you smile and having healthy teeth may take an additional effort, but is worth it to most people. By seeing your cosmetic dentist, such as James J. Susack, DMD, PC, and learning what process is best for you can assist you for improving your teeth and your smile.