Learn How To Make A Charm Bracelet Using Your Child's Baby Teeth

After playing the role of the Tooth Fairy for many years, you more than likely will have quite a collection of baby teeth from your child. Many parents choose to save their children's teeth for many years with no plan as to what they will one day do with them. A great way to use your child's baby teeth and make them something they can cherish for years to come is to turn their teeth into charms they can hang from a charm bracelet.

If your child likes one-of-a-kind jewelry, a tooth charm bracelet is about as one-of-a-kind as you can get. Use the following guide to learn how to make your child this customized piece of jewelry using their own baby teeth.

Clean the Teeth

Before you start the process of turning the teeth into charms, you need to make sure that they are clean. Place the teeth a shallow bowl of hydrogen peroxide. The peroxide will kill any germs living on the teeth and whiten them slightly so that they are as brilliant as they can possible be.

Drill the Teeth

Next, you need to hold one tooth with a pair of needle nose pliers so that you can easily drill through the center of the tooth. You want to be sure that you drill through the center of the tooth to ensure that you lessen your chances of cracking or splitting it. You want to use the small drill bit you can find to make the hole. It only needs to be about a millimeter in size. Drill through each tooth slowly until all of the teeth have holes in them.

Create the Charms

Get jump rings from your local craft store. Open numerous jump rings and string a tooth onto each ring. Close each ring with the pliers to finish the charms. Once you have placed jump rings through each tooth, you will be ready to finish off the bracelet.

Lay the charm bracelet flat on a tabletop. Open a jump ring, string it through a loop of the bracelet, and then place one of the charms on the same jump ring. Close the ring and now the tooth charm should be attached to the bracelet. Repeat the process with the other tooth charms until they are all attached to the bracelet. The bracelet will now be finished and ready to give as a gift to your child.

To learn more, contact a company like Cary Dental Associates with any questions or concerns you have.