Love Your Coffee, But Want To Maintain Your White Teeth? Use These Measures

You probably know that drinking coffee stains your teeth, but you still do it all the same. While giving up the drink would be the ideal solution to prevent the related pigmentation, the measure isn't practical for many people. Here are a few measures to help you enjoy your drink without worrying about serious staining:

Drink with a Straw

Coffee stains your teeth in two main ways. First, it contains different pigments that get embedded in the minuscule pits and cracks on your teeth enamel. These pits are very tiny, and your toothbrush cannot reach them to dislodge the pigments. Apart from the pits, the stains also stick to the calculus or plaque buildup on your teeth.

Therefore, anything that directs the coffee away from your teeth will reduce the staining. One of the easiest ways to keep the coffee away from your teeth enamel is to use a straw to direct the coffee towards the back of your mouth. It may not eliminate the stains, but it will at least reduce it, or keep it away from your front teeth.

Drink Water

The more the stains stay in your teeth, the more they get deeper into your enamel and become more difficult to remove. Therefore, drinking plain water, or swishing your mouth with it, immediately after taking a cup of coffee may help. The water helps to wash the pigments away before they settle deep in the enamels.

Chew Sugarless Gum

Chewing gum (immediately after taking coffee) may also help to keep the stains away from your teeth. Chewing gum helps because it stimulates the production of saliva, which helps to wash away the coffee from your teeth. Just remember to make it sugarless gum because sugar would feed bacteria in your mouth and cause teeth decay.

Brush After Drinking

Brushing your teeth after taking coffee would get even more stains out of your teeth than chewing gum or drinking water. However, remember to delay it for about thirty minutes after drinking the coffee. If you brush immediately, then you run the risk of developing teeth sensitivity because your tooth enamel is already weak. 

Drink At Specific Times

Lastly, it is best to drink the coffee at specific times of the day than to sip on it all day long. The faster you drink it, the lesser the stains that will get on your teeth enamel. Apart from that, drinking coffee at specific times of the day makes it easier to brush than if you sip on it constantly or take it at odd hours.

Use these tips alongside the regular dental hygiene measures (brushing and flossing) to maintain your white teeth. However, if they are already stained, then your dentist such as George S Cochran DDS will advise you on the best whitening regime for your stains.