About The Oral Health Requirements For Dental Implants & The Price

Do you want to get into the entertainment industry but embarrassed because your teeth are unpleasant to look at? You may be able to get dental implants to create the perfect smile to show off at auditions, but it depends on how good your oral health is. In this article, learn about the oral health requirements for getting dental implants installed.

What are the Oral Health Requirements for Dental Implants?

The main oral health requirement for getting dental implants is having healthy jawbones. You cannot get dental implants with unhealthy jawbones because the implants will not be secure. However, the good news is that unhealthy jawbones can be replaced with an artificial bone graft if necessary. The procedure will involve the removal of weak jawbones, and placement of a bone graft that can come from any healthy jawbone you may have or artificial materials.

Another requirement for implants is that you are not suffering from gum disease. Treating gum disease can be a simply or complicated task, based on whether it is gingivitis or periodontal disease. Gingivitis is a minor form of gum disease that can be treated with antibiotics. However, periodontal disease is a severe form that may be treated with a root canal, scaling and planing or tooth extraction depending on how severe it is.

Once your oral health is in an acceptable condition, a dentist can install dental implants. The dentist will place metal posts in jawbones where you are getting implants (unsightly teeth may be extracted first). Abutments will then be attached to the post. You will then get the implants installed by the dentist connecting them to the abutments. You can get implants in many shades of white to keep your artificial teeth looking natural or pearly.

What is the Price of Dental Implants?

The overall price for dental implants will depend on how many you are getting and what kind of additional work is necessary. You are looking at paying an average of $2,400 to $13,000 plus for each implant. Keep in mind that dental insurance will not usually cover cosmetic procedures, so you should plan to pay the full price. However, you may have the option of financing the dental implant procedure and making payments. Financing availability is at the discretion of the clinic you go to.

Make a good impression when you jump into the entertainment business by investing in dental implants. Get in touch with a dentist like Christopher L. Schneider, DMD to discuss your oral health and get the implants installed!