5 Natural Ways To Treat Halitosis

If you suffer from halitosis, you know just how embarrassing it can be. Luckily, there are quite a few ways that you can naturally use to treat the problem, which will help to temporarily reduce the bad breath. Here are five ways to do this:

  1. Swish Water In Your Mouth: If you suffer from dry mouth, this is going to create the ideal breeding ground for bacteria. In order to wash some of this bacteria away and keep your mouth hydrated, you should swish some water in your mouth every once in a while, especially after meals to rinse away as much of the harboring bacteria as possible. 
  2. Munch On Your Garnish: The garnish on your plate served to you at a restaurant is not just placed there for decoration. Garnish, which usually includes an orange peel or parsley are two things that help to take away bad breath after eating a meal, especially a meal that has contained garlic or onions, which are known to produce bad breath. Simply chew on the parsley after eating your meal or the orange peel. Orange peels are best because they stimulate saliva to flow in the mouth, which in turn, refreshes it. 
  3. Choose A Toothpaste With Tea Tree Oil: Tea tree oil is a natural disinfectant that can help to rid your mouth of even more bacteria while brushing. 
  4. Store Your Toothbrush In Hydrogen Peroxide: Consider buying a lidded plastic container for your toothbrush and putting hydrogen peroxide in the bottom. Every time you are done brushing your teeth, place the toothbrush head down into the hydrogen peroxide. Just be sure that you rinse your toothbrush before you use it again. This is going to help kill bacteria left on your brush, which is important for those who suffer from really bad halitosis. 
  5. Don't Skip Your Meals: Not only is skipping meals bad for your body, but it is also bad for your oral health. This is because every meal helps to prevent dry mouth by encouraging the constant flow of saliva. Without this, your mouth would become the perfect place for bacteria to thrive. 

If you follow all of these natural remedies to rid yourself of bad breath but it continues to become worse, it is important to talk to your family dentist. Your dentist can prescribe you with medications or suggest some kind of dental procedure that will help to reduce the amount of bad breath that you suffer from on a regular basis.