Should You Allow Your Teen To Get A Dental Grill?

Your first response to your teenage daughter or son's request to spend his or her savings on a grill is probably "no." However, dental grills have been worn by celebrities ranging from Beyonce to Taylor Swift, and convincing your teenager that this might not be the best way to spend his or her savings can be a difficult task. If you are faced with making a decision about a dental grill, here are some pros and cons to review. 


Undoubtedly, you probably do not believe there are pros to wearing a dental grill, but there is one big advantage that your teenager will love. Grills are considered stylish. Originally, grills were thought to be only for the rich and famous, but your teenager's peers are also getting into wearing dental grills. 

Another benefit is that they are not permanent. Your teen can remove the grill at any time and still show his or her pearly whites off. You also do not have to worry about your teen showing off his or her bling in the family pictures. You can ask him or her to remove it for the picture. 


As a parent, the most obvious disadvantage of wearing dental grills is their appearance. However, there is an even bigger concern. When your teen wears a dental grill, he or she could experience a host of dental problems. The grill can trap bacteria on your teen's teeth and gums. The bacteria can eventually cause gum disease and cavities to develop. 

If the grill is not properly fitted, it can cause alignment issues with your teen's teeth with prolonged wear. Your teen's teeth could end up needing braces to help straighten the damage from the grill. 

Fortunately, most of the problems with a dental grill are avoidable. For instance, your teen cannot wear the grill all the time. Instead, your teen needs to limit wear according to the cosmetic dentist's suggestion and practice good dental hygiene. You can also opt for a custom-fitted dental grill as opposed to one that is supposed to fit everyone. The dentist can ensure that the grill takes into account the structure of your teen's mouth so that his or her teeth alignment is not impacted.  

Whether or not your teen should get a dental grill is a decision left up to you and him or her. Talk to your dentist to get his or her take on the dental appliance and whether your teen would make a good candidate to wear one. 

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