Taking A Look At The Anti-Aging Benefits Of Optimum Oral Health

The business of anti-aging has become huge, with products for helping you to look younger being sold around the globe. Whether you are trying to erase wrinkles or fade liver spots, your quest for looking younger will be more challenging until you take a closer look at your teeth and gums.

By taking the best care of your oral health, you have fewer chances of experiencing facial changes because of bone re-absorption. Learn how oral health can have an impact on how old you look:

Missing Teeth And The Extraction Sites They Left Behind

When a tooth is extracted, the bone holding it in place is traumatized. Over time, the bone begins a natural process to make up for the tooth it used to hold in being absent. Bone re-absorption is the reason many people with several missing teeth start to look as through their bottom jaw is sinking inwards.

Without proper bone structure holding your teeth, bone re-absorption will take place. By having a dental bridge made to replace your missing teeth, you can avoid a lot of the appearance issues associated with bone re-absorption.

Just One Tooth?

Maybe you have one tooth missing and feel you do need to worry about how it affects your anti-aging efforts. However, if that one missing tooth is in the front and is visible when you smile, you might consider its huge impact on your appearance. Many people are afraid to smile, always covering their mouth with their hand when they laugh so stained teeth or gaps from missing teeth are not visible.

Your attitude and social life has a lot to do with how old you feel. If you are looking for ways to look younger, start thinking about how old you feel before doing so. When you are not embarrassed to smile, the rest of you will generally feel the same way. Discuss with your dentist soon about how a dental bridge can fill in the embarrassing gap in your front teeth.

If You Have Implants

If you have dental implants, you should know you can have a bridge with them. You may even have a dental bridge attached to your implants in the same way one is attached to real teeth. Your dentist can explain in detail how a dental bridge can help you have the smile that makes you look younger.

Dental bridges can be attached in way that makes them permanent, so you will never have to worry about taking your bridge in and out. In this way, you never have to worry about anyone knowing some of teeth are not real. Find out how you can change your appearance and make a real difference in how young and healthy you look and feel.

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