Why Not Wearing A Mouthguard Is A Huge Mistake: Even For Young Kids

If your child is involved in contact sports, but their teeth are just coming in and it's difficult to use a store-bought mouth guard, it's time to see your dentist to get a custom-fitting piece. You want to protect your child's adult teeth as they come in, along with existing baby teeth and their oral health. 

The mouthpiece doesn't just protect your child's teeth, it will help protect against numerous other potential oral injuries. Here are a few reasons to get to the dentist for the mouth guard your child needs.

Custom is Comfortable

If your child's teeth aren't in a perfect line, it can be difficult to get a store bought piece you mold at home to secure properly. The dentist will ensure that a custom mouth guard fits, that the child can breathe as they are supposed to, and that it won't fall into their mouth or slide around while they are trying to participate. The custom piece doesn't have an odor or a flavoring, it can be colored, and the dentist will make it as comfortable as possible.

Crooked or Protruding Teeth are More at Risk

Protruding teeth are more likely to get hit when there is an accident or collision, putting your child at an increased risk of oral injury. Crooked teeth can expose the gum tissue and leave them more susceptible to injury. The mouth guard is protects both the teeth and the gum tissue, which is even more important if your child's teeth are sticking out of their mouth or out of alignment.

Protect Future Orthodontic Problems

If your child loses a tooth because of an oral injury, or has maxillofacial damage, this could lead to further orthodontic problems on top of the problems they already have. The mouth guard can prevent early tooth loss, and the dentist can reform new pieces as their teeth start to shift and move.

If your child's teeth aren't coming in straight and they need a mouthpiece to be involved in sports, talk to a local dentist, such as one found through http://www.fortcollinsdentist.com, and get a custom piece formed to their mouth. Your dental insurance may even cover the expenses because the mouthpiece can prevent the child from having costly oral injuries. Your child can maintain their smile for a lifetime if they see the dentist regularly and make sure to wear their mouth guard for all practices and games.