The Tooth Fairy Can Help With Your Child's Dental Care

If you have a young child who's at the age where they are ready to start taking charge of their own dental care, then they may need a little motivation other than you simply telling them dental care is important. They may do well with a little encouragement from the tooth fairy. You can create some fun memories using the tooth fairy and better educate your child on the importance of good oral hygiene. This article will give you creative ideas to have fun and make an educational experience for them.

Create a scavenger hunt with hints

When your child loses a tooth, have them put it under their pillow for the tooth fairy. Normally, most children expect to wake up the next morning to a reward in place of their tooth, but your child will wake up to a dental tip followed by a hint as to where the next note is. The next note will also have a dental tip and another hint. Lead your child through this fun hunt to a final tip with a nice reward.

Make a tooth fairy book

You can write a tiny book for your child that's personalized for them. Let them know the things the tooth fairy has noticed that they have been doing right, and inform them of the things they need improvement on. The writing should be very small, and you can add some personal touches to the book, such as by sprinkling a little glitter in the pages. When your child realizes the tooth fairy is watching their dental habits closely, it can help them to start taking it more seriously.

Make a chart

Put a chart up in the bathroom your child uses that has the days of the month on it and lists their daily dental chores. Instruct them to mark off the things they do each day. At the end of the month, they can earn a reward depending on how good they have done at marking off the things on the chart.

Following some of the ideas detailed above will help your child to start wanting to take better care of their teeth. You also want to continue to teach them the importance of visiting their dentist regularly for annual dental exams and professional teeth cleanings. The professional teeth cleanings will help fend off cavities and bad breath, while regular exams can catch problems early on.

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