When To Opt For Same Day Vs. Traditional Dental Implants

If you're the right candidate, your dentist may offer you a same day or immediate implant instead of the traditional dental implant procedure. Here are some cases where it's okay to opt for the same day implant and others where you should go for the full dental implant treatment. 

When to Opt for Same Day Implants

Same day dental implants should be done only when your mouth is in excellent health. It will depend on the strength of your jawbone to heal quickly over an immediate implant, for instance. Your gum health will also play a part in this healing process. The strain on your mouth from a same day implant is greater than a traditional dental implant, which gives the mouth plenty of time to heal after each portion of the dental implant. With the same day implant, the entire apparatus is put in place at once and you hope that it heals correctly. 

A same day implant is a good idea when you need immediate correction for a dental issue. For instance, if you have a front tooth knocked out and you are in a high visibility profession, waiting for a custom implant to be made might not be an option for you. Immediate implants may also be necessary if you won't have time to complete the full dental implant procedure with one dentist, such as if you are going out of the country or moving.  

Same day implants should only be attempted if you have enough money for an alternative solution, in case the same day implant breaks or doesn't heal correctly. You may need to put in full dental implants at a later date. 

When to Opt for Traditional Dental Implants

When you have the time to do a complete dental implant treatment, it's often worth the extra appointments to get the job done right. First of all, the tooth will be made with a custom fit so that it causes minimal discomfort and feels natural in your mouth. The implant will also be stronger, since it has plenty of time to form a strong connection with your jawbone before the added pressure of the dental crown. By making sure that your dental implant is done thoroughly the first time around and giving ample time to create the right fit, you may actually save time and money in the long run by avoiding additional dental treatments. 

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