4 Ways To Make Flossing More Fun For Your Children

It is already a hassle trying to get your child to brush their teeth let alone getting them to floss too. Explaining the benefits of flossing to a five year old is like telling them about the theory of gravity, they just don't understand. Since reasoning with them won't work, you have to find a way to make pushing a string in between your teeth fun. Here are some tips to help make flossing more fun so your kids want to do it.

1. Go Beyond Simple Floss

If your child doesn't like the floss because the string is hard to use or they don't like the taste of mint then switch up the tools. You can let them pick a flavor and color of floss they like better to get them interested in actually using it. Floss sticks come in fun colors and some glow in the dark, so they give them something a bit more engaging to floss with than a string. They are easier for children to use and they won't get frustrated. Some of these floss sticks have different characters on them so you might be able to appeal to your child that way. See here, superman uses floss too!

2. Track Their Success

Tracking the success of your little flosser is as simple as creating a chart and giving your child a sticker every time they floss their teeth. You can even give your child a reward for getting a certain number of stickers. Make sure the stickers are colorful and fun shapes to keep them engaged. Keep the chart in – or near – the bathroom to keep your child motivated.

3. Try Music and Dancing

Playing your kid's favorite song while they floss will help take their mind off what they're doing. This usually makes the time go by a little faster. Doing a special floss dance can make it more fun as well. Get them dancing every time they need to floss and change it up every once in a while with a new move.

4. Lead By Example

Children love doing what their parents do, so make sure to floss with them so they see that you love it too. They will need to be supervised when they're young, so might as well use it as a time to take care of your teeth as well.

Hopefully these fun tips will help you convert your child into a tiny person who loves to floss and take care of their teeth. For more advice, contact a professional such as Brit E. Bowers, DDS.