Professional Teeth Whitening Services: 3 Tips To Getting A Uniformly White Smile

Professional teeth whitening service is perhaps one of the most sought after cosmetic dentistry treatments of all time, especially when you consider the fact that 80% of Americans between the ages of 18 to 49 want a whiter smile. Although professional teeth whitening services are incredibly effective and can noticeably whiten your teeth in just one session, results may vary. If improper techniques or procedures were used, some areas of the teeth might be bleached whiter than others. This results in your teeth looking splotchy. Follow these 3 tips to get a uniformly white smile.

Opt for Custom Fitting Trays

One of the most common reasons for uneven results lies in the fact that the bleach was not applied uniformly onto the teeth. This generally happens when you use a standard fitting tray rather than custom fitting tray. Standard fitting trays are not designed to fit the arch and shape of your teeth perfectly. As a result, some of the bleaching product might end up pooling in one area of the teeth. This will cause that area to become whiter than the rest, and causes splotchy results. Shell out the extra money needed to get custom fitting trays. You'll get much better results aesthetically. In addition, there is a lower likelihood that the bleaching product will leak onto your gums and cause irritation.

Try Bleaching Products with a Higher Concentration of Peroxide

If you're seeing splotches on your teeth, it could also be because you're not using the right concentration of peroxide to bleach your teeth. If you use too low of a concentration, the peroxide bleach will not be strong enough to penetrate into your teeth to lift some of the darker and deeper stains. If you notice that your teeth are not getting whitened in a uniform matter, try bleaching products with a higher concentration of peroxide. Your cosmetic dentist will need to find a good balance between the concentration that will lift all of the stains and the sensitivity of your teeth.

Check Teeth Whitening Progress After Each Session

It's much easier to correct splotchy results if you notice them during the teeth whitening treatment rather than when everything is done. Most cosmetic dentists will want to bleach your teeth in several sessions. After each session, check to make sure that the stains are lifting properly. If you notice any splotches, adjust the concentration of the bleach or the amount that is applied. Keep in mind that some areas may need more bleach than others due to the thickness of your teeth.


With the right type of products and amount of care, your teeth will be whitened in a uniform matter, and you won't have to be worried that you'll uneven results. A cosmetic dentist, like one from Silverstone  Family Dental, may have to play around with the concentration and type of bleaching product used to figure out what works best on your teeth and will give the results that you desire.