4 Tips For Seamlessly Switching Dentists

Thinking about switching to a new dentist? Whether you're doing so due to a move or because your current dentist is no longer covered by your insurance network, the fact remains that switching dentists can seem like a stressful task. But by following a few simple tips, it certainly doesn't have to be.

Call Your Insurance Provider

The first step will be to find a dentist that is covered by your insurance provider, if applicable. If you have dental insurance, the best way to find an in-network dentist is usually to call your insurance company directly and ask to speak with somebody from member benefits. Depending on your insurance company, you may also be able to log into your account online and browse in-network dentists near you.

Visit Your New Dentist In-Person

Before you commit to a new dentist, it's also a good idea to visit their office in person. This is a great way to get a better feel for the overall office environment. It will also give you a chance to meet the staff and have any questions answered before you schedule your first appointment. If you have children who will also be switching dentists, bringing them for an in-person office visit can also help to reduce any anxiety they may have about switching to a new dentist.

Request Your Dental Records

Your new dentist will likely want to have copies of your existing dental records so they can essentially pick up where your last dentist left off. You should be able to call or e-mail your existing dentist's office to request that copies of your records be sent to your new dentist office's address. If this feels too awkward for you, consider asking your new dentist office if they will handle the records request for you. Many offices these days will.

Fill Out Paperwork Before Your First Visit

Finally, to save yourself the time and hassle of filling out complicated paperwork in the waiting room before your first appointment, see if new-patient forms for your new dentist are available on their website. If so, go ahead and download, print, and fill out that paperwork to bring with you on the day of your appointment. You should still try to arrive a little bit early to give the front desk staff time to enter your information into their system. Still, this can save you a great deal of time.