Benefits Of A Dental Cleaning

Your dentist may ask you to return to his or her office every six months for a dental cleaning. Although you may be familiar with the procedure, you may not know the benefits of having your teeth professionally cleaned. Here a few of them.

Your Teeth Look Whiter

Dental bleaching applications usually use peroxide-based chemicals to whiten the tooth enamel. However, your teeth may look whiter and brighter simply from a professional dental cleaning. 

During a dental cleaning, the tartar that has accumulated on your teeth is scraped away with a special tool called a scaler. Tartar builds up on the teeth over time, especially if the teeth are not frequently cleaned. when plaque is permitted to rest on the teeth for a prolonged amount of time, it hardens, forming tartar. Tartar is not moved from the surface of the teeth with a toothbrush or dental floss. The hardened material must be scraped away. Only a dental professional can remove the material safely and thoroughly.

Your Teeth Become Smoother

Tartar is porous and has a rough surface. Thus, after a dental cleaning, you may notice that your teeth feel smoother. The tartar has a porous, uneven texture that allows oral bacteria and plaque to become trapped within the substance. Since tartar is in direct contact with the tooth enamel, the accumulated bacteria and plaque can cause even greater damage to the teeth. 

Oral bacteria, which are primary components of plaque, excrete acids that dissolve the enamel of your teeth to cause tooth decay. Saliva can help dilute the acid and increase its pH to make it less detrimental to the teeth. However, when the acid is released directly onto the surface of the teeth, there is little time for the saliva to weaken the decay-causing excretion.

When tartar is absent and the surfaces of the teeth are smooth, less plaque and bacteria accumulate on the teeth. The smooth surfaces offer less surface area to which the harmful substances can cling.

Your Gums Become Healthier

Gum disease is caused by inflammation. The gingival tissues become irritated or inflamed by bacterial acids. Tartar accumulations are often found around the gum line. As the material builds up, the gums may become increasingly inflamed from the acid that is released near the tissue.

If you have not had your teeth professionally cleaned within the last six months, contact a dental clinic in your local area, such as Family Dentistry Of Woodstock, to schedule an appointment.