Three Types Of Tongue Cleaners To Try

Cleaning your tongue should be a part of your everyday oral health regimen that also includes brushing your teeth and flossing. Many people don't clean their tongues, but learning about the different products that can help you to complete this important task can compel you to take action. A few seconds of scrubbing your tongue with a specialized implement is critical for reducing the bacteria in your mouth. The reduction of these bacteria plays a key role in lowering your risk of a multitude of oral hygiene problems, from bad breath to gingivitis. Here are three types of tongue cleaners to try.

Toothbrush Tongue Cleaner

The next time that you shop for a toothbrush, pay attention to whether or not it may have a tongue cleaner. Many brushes do, especially if you're open to the idea of paying a little more for the toothbrush. The tongue cleaner is mounted to the backside of the brush, so when you're finished brushing, you simply flip the toothbrush over and rub the tongue cleaner on your tongue. This implement doesn't have bristles, but will generally have a slightly rough surface that seeks to lift the bacteria.

Metal Tongue Cleaner

A metal tongue cleaner is another option that you can consider. This product is often available at pharmacies, but if you can't track one down locally, you'll have no trouble finding it online. Often made of stainless steel or copper, this device has a "U" shape. You simply hold both ends of the "U" in your fingers, and placed the curved part as far back on your tongue as you can manage. You then gently press down and pull forward to allow the cleaner to scrape bacteria off the surface of your tongue.

Long-Handled Tongue Cleaner

Yet another variety of tongue cleaner that you can consider is a long-handled cleaner. This device is shaped somewhat like a toothbrush, although it doesn't have a dual purpose — instead of bristles and a tongue cleaner on one end, it simply has a tongue cleaner. In many cases, the tongue cleaner will be made of plastic and have a circular scraping tool at the end of the handle. This device is handy because you can clean your tongue with just one hand; a "U"-shaped metal tongue cleaner requires the use of both hands at the same time, by way of contrast. Speak to your dentist to learn more about the importance of keeping your tongue clean, as well as to get his or her specific recommendation about what type of tool to buy.