What Is So Great About Invisalign Aside From Being Invisible?

When it comes to ways to correct crooked teeth, you may be well aware of the invisible braces solution known as Invisalign. It works by providing you with a set of clear aligning trays that you swap out at set intervals, which slowly move your teeth into the right position without others noticing. However, you may be wondering what the benefits are of Invisalign aside from being invisible. Here are four other benefits to be aware of.

No Eating Restrictions

One of the problems with traditional braces is that you are restricted with what you can eat, since some foods don't work well with metal braces. This can lead to you missing out on your favorite foods for many months while your teeth move into the proper position. The Invisalign plastic trays are completely removable, and you need to take them out for eating. You can pretty much eat anything because of this, since you are chewing with your natural teeth without anything attached to them.

Easier Cleaning

Traditional braces also pose some challenges when it comes to keeping your teeth clean. You'll need to use special tools to get dental floss around the metal wires so you can keep your teeth clean, which may even discourage you from keeping up on caring for your oral health. Invisalign has those trays that are completely removable, so you can brush and floss like normal in the mornings and evenings. No need to run out and buy special tools to keep your teeth clean.

Overall Comfort

Many people that wear braces are not a huge fan of how they feel on your teeth. The metal braces can be rough on the soft tissue of your cheeks, causing cuts from simply having them on all the time. You may even need to put dental wax over the brackets so that your mouth can have some relief and let those troublesome spots heal a bit.

The plastic aligning trays used for Invisalign are completely smooth, and they do not protrude from your teeth at all. You are less likely to have issues with irritation from wearing the trays, which can make wearing them a comfortable experience overall.

Not sure if Invisalign is right for you? Reach out to an orthodontist for a consultation. They can let you know more about this corrective procedure that can make your teeth look perfectly straight when it is finished.