The Timeline For Getting A Dental Crown

If your dentist recommends a dental crown for one of your teeth, you might be wondering how long it will take to get the crown, and the truth is that it varies. In some cases, people are able to get dental crowns quickly, in just one visit. In other cases, it may take months before you can get a dental crown, and here are several things to understand about the timeline of a dental crown.

Some clinics offer same-day crowns

When it comes to the timeline for a crown, it is important to know that this can vary tremendously. The fastest amount of time in which you can get a crown is one day, but this is not always possible; however, it is in some cases. If you qualify for a one-day crown, you would need to go to a clinic that offers this service, and this is not a service found in all dental clinics. Getting a crown in one day is the ideal way to get a dental crown, as it offers the fastest way to accomplish this.

It will take longer if you need a root canal

If the tooth in question has infected roots, you will not simply be able to go to a dental clinic to get a crown. Instead, you would likely need to complete a process known as a root canal. If this is the case, you would not qualify for a same-day crown; at least, not at this point. If the tooth needs a root canal, or any other type of work, it may take months before you can get the crown. This is because a root canal often requires two visits to the dentist, and there is often a waiting period of several weeks just to get in to get the work done.

Most crowns require two visits

The other important thing to understand is that not all dental clinics offer same-day crowns. In fact, most dental clinics do not. For a dental clinic to offer a same-day crown, they must have the equipment and software used to make dental crowns in the office, and this equipment is very expensive. Because of this, most dentists send out requests for crowns to laboratories. Therefore, you would likely need to visit the dentist once for the tooth preparation and molds for the crown, and then go again to have the crown placed on the tooth.

Getting a dental crown is a great way to save and protect a tooth that cannot stand alone on its own. If you need one or have questions about them, contact dental clinics like Dansville Family Dental Care today.