3 Reasons To See An Emergency Dental Professional After Losing A Tooth Due To An Injury

As an adult, you might have never expected to lose any teeth. However, if you have been injured, you might have unexpectedly lost a tooth. For example, some adults find themselves in a situation where they have lost a tooth due to a car accident, sports accident, fight, or other dangerous situation. If you find yourself in this situation, it is imperative to seek treatment from an emergency dentist as soon as possible. These are some of the reasons why this is typically considered to be a dental emergency.

1. There is a Risk of Infection

For one thing, if you lose a tooth unexpectedly, then you could find yourself at risk of infection. It is important to be careful about handling the affected area, and you should see an emergency dentist as soon as possible if you want to prevent an infection. He or she can help with cleaning the affected area and instructing you about how to avoid infection. Plus, your dentist might even prescribe an antibiotic to help you stay safe.

2. You Might Be Able to Save Your Tooth

Right now, you might be really concerned about how losing a tooth is going to impact your life. You could be worried about how your appearance will be impacted, for one thing. You might also be worried about whether or not it will be difficult to do things like eat your favorite foods due to your missing tooth. These are valid concerns, and if possible, you will probably want to save your natural tooth. This might not be possible, but if you keep your tooth and see an emergency dentist as soon as possible, then it could be possible to save your tooth. If it is not possible to save your tooth, then your emergency dentist can talk to you about your options, such as getting a dental implant.

3. You Could Be in a Lot of Pain

Losing a tooth due to an injury can be incredibly painful. If you are in a lot of pain right now, you might not be able to wait until regular business hours to get a little bit of relief. If you see an emergency dental professional, then he or she might prescribe a prescription pain medication or give advice about how you can manage your pain.

Losing a tooth unexpectedly due to injury can be a very bad situation to be in. Luckily, an emergency dentist should be able to help you out, so don't hesitate to contact one of these professionals if you need emergency dental care services