3 Reasons Your Clear Aligners Aren't Fitting Correctly (And What To Do About It)

Clear aligners are ideal for individuals who want to straighten their teeth without wearing conspicuous braces. Aligners are transparent trays that sit over the teeth and shift them slowly into position. These orthodontic appliances should fit tightly to be able to shift and straighten crooked teeth. Therefore, if your aligners feel too tight or loose, they can hinder treatment or affect comfort. With this in mind, check out these reasons your trays aren't fitting correctly. 

Poor Usage Habits 

Unlike braces, aligners can be removed when eating or cleaning the teeth. However, you must wear the appliances daily to ensure fast movement of the teeth. If you take off your aligners regularly or stop wearing them for a long period, they will stop fitting correctly. Your teeth may also shift back into the old position. Therefore, wear your aligners as advised by your dentist. If the trays become loose due to poor usage habits, you should get a new set of aligners. 

New Set of Aligners

Does your new set of clear aligners feel too tight? Do the trays appear as if they are too small for your teeth? Clear aligners move the teeth by applying gentle pressure over a period of time. Therefore, they must fit snugly to provide enough force to shift and straighten the teeth. If you are a first-time wearer, it is normal for your new set to feel too tight or uncomfortable. 

It may take a few weeks to get used to your new set. If you are unable to insert the trays correctly after removal, ask your orthodontist for aligner seaters. These are soft devices you can chew on to help the aligners sit uniformly over the teeth. They also eliminate air bubbles between the trays and the teeth and improve the fit. Once you get used to the aligners, they will feel more comfortable in your mouth.

Normal Movement of the Teeth 

During treatment, you will get different sets of aligners. Each set is designed to apply gradual pressure to the teeth and nudge them to move in the desired direction. Once the teeth have shifted to a certain degree, the trays fit loosely in the mouth. You must get new aligners until you achieve the desired alignment. 

Therefore, if your aligners become loose after one or two weeks of wear, you need new trays. The new aligners should fit tightly over the teeth to facilitate movement. Don't wait too long to get new aligners, as the teeth may shift back into the previous position. If this happens, your treatment will take longer than expected.

Poorly fitting aligners can lower your quality of life and derail your journey to straight teeth. Therefore, visit your orthodontist to determine whether you require a new set of clear aligners