3 Circumstances When It's Imperative To Get A Root Canal

Your teeth are important because they help you chew food and enhance your speech. Hence, they should be taken good care of to keep them healthy and strong. For example, using a soft-bristled toothbrush, you should brush your teeth twice a day. You should also avoid picking your teeth using a toothpick. If not taken care of, you may experience some dental issues from time to time. For example, your nerves might get damaged, triggering pain upon touching or when eating.

Dentin Hypersensitivity: What Is It And Can You Fix It?

If your teeth are super sensitive to heat, cold, and sweets, you may wonder if you have major tooth decay or something else. You could actually have a dental condition called dentin hypersensitivity. Dentin hypersensitivity occurs in people who suffer from extra sensitive teeth. Learn more about dentin hypersensitivity and how you can fix it below. What's Dentin Hypersensitivity? Dentin hypersensitivity occurs when something partially or completely exposes the dentin in your tooth crowns, such as gum disease, acid erosion, or severe mouth trauma.

What To Do If You Have Tooth Pain

Are you experiencing a lot of pain in one of your teeth and need to visit a dentist to fix it? If so, you are likely wondering what to do to deal with the pain until you can have the problem looked at. Here are some tips for dealing with tooth pain. Clean The Area The first thing you'll want to do is clean the tooth that is causing you problem since you do not know what could be causing you pain.

3 Top Benefits Of Getting Emergency Dental Health Care

Dental emergencies can happen to anyone and when they least expect it. You need to be equipped with knowledge and skills to handle one because it is also a medical emergency. Failure to take the recommended steps as soon as possible after the incident leads to various oral and dental health complications. Most importantly, you should know who to call if you discover that you have a dental emergency. Here are the three top benefits of having a professional dentist you can call when you need emergency dental health care services.

Can Dental Veneers Fix Crooked Teeth?

Crooked teeth are generally only a clinical problem when they affect the functionality of your bite. Perhaps your upper and lower jaws don't make proper contact when they're closed due to the misalignment of your teeth? Maybe some teeth have rotated in their sockets and are impossible to properly clean? These are examples of when orthodontic treatment will be needed. However, it can be that your bite is perfectly functional, and it's just that your smile is unbalanced due to your crooked teeth.