Got Braces? 3 Tips To Help You Keep The Spirit Alive This Holiday Season

With the holidays just around the corner, it goes without saying that there is going to be a lot of get-togethers with traditional and sugary foods. If you currently have braces to improve the appearance of your smile, then this is a time of year that you could benefit from a few holiday survival tips. After all, you don't want food to be the reason that you end up having an orthodontic emergency over the holiday season, do you?

Tooth Sensitivity Issues Do Not Put You Out Of The Game For Whiter Teeth

Are you afraid to get your teeth whitened due to fears of pain? Some people experience tooth sensitivity when they use teeth whitening products. Understanding why this occurs and how to reduce the sensitivity could ease your fears and allow you to get "pearly whites" like your friends or favorite celebrities. The following points can help you better understand your situation and options.  Why does tooth sensitivity sometimes occur with teeth whitening?

Why An All-On-Four Dental Implant Procedure Might Be Perfect For You

Do you have missing teeth? Perhaps you have been in for a dental implant consultation in the past and were told that you were not a good candidate. You may also have been told that you are a good fit for the procedure, but due to many missing teeth, you may not have been able to afford the procedure due to needing a bone graft or needing to meet other preoperative requirements.

Understanding The Problem Of Soft Dental Enamel In Children

Tooth enamel is the hard outer coating that sits across every one of your teeth. Dental enamel is stronger than the bone, and it is meant to protect the softer parts of the teeth that sit underneath the enamel. While the outer tooth coating is hard, some children will have softer enamel than others. If your child's dentist has mentioned that your child has soft tooth enamel, then keep reading to understand the problem and also how the teeth can be protected properly from decay.

Professional Teeth Whitening Services: 3 Tips To Getting A Uniformly White Smile

Professional teeth whitening service is perhaps one of the most sought after cosmetic dentistry treatments of all time, especially when you consider the fact that 80% of Americans between the ages of 18 to 49 want a whiter smile. Although professional teeth whitening services are incredibly effective and can noticeably whiten your teeth in just one session, results may vary. If improper techniques or procedures were used, some areas of the teeth might be bleached whiter than others.