Benefits Of A Dental Cleaning

Your dentist may ask you to return to his or her office every six months for a dental cleaning. Although you may be familiar with the procedure, you may not know the benefits of having your teeth professionally cleaned. Here a few of them. Your Teeth Look Whiter Dental bleaching applications usually use peroxide-based chemicals to whiten the tooth enamel. However, your teeth may look whiter and brighter simply from a professional dental cleaning.

4 Holiday Treats To Avoid While Wearing Dentures

If you have lost one or more teeth due to a dental condition or accident, you may restore your smile with dentures. Wearing dentures offers enormous benefits, including a complete smile that functions like your natural teeth, but certain changes must be made to maintain dentures. From cleaning and soaking to avoiding certain habits and foods, it is easy to see some of the challenges of wearing dentures. With the holidays approaching, you may focus your priorities on decorating, shopping, and party planning, but you should also understand the dangers of consuming common holiday foods and treats.

4 Tricks For Helping Your Veneers Last As Long As Possible Between Replacements

Even after you've chosen the most durable porcelain veneers to improve your smile, you've only got an average of 15 years of use before you'll need to plan for replacing the veneer. Taking extra care of your veneers allows you to squeeze a few more years out of those veneers without living with discoloration or stains. Get the most out of each set of veneers you have installed with these four tips:

3 Kinds Of Cavities You Could Have

Have you always thought that all cavities are the same? This is incorrect, since there are several kinds of cavities that can develop in your teeth. Be aware of what these 3 kinds are and what they mean for your teeth. Root Cavities A root cavity will attack a tooth's root and is very dangerous for several reasons. These types of cavities tend to spread fast and can get to the tooth's nerves and create an infection.

What To Expect At Your Child's First Trip To The Dentist

According to the American Academy of Dentistry, your child should see the dentist before their first birthday. But if this is your first child and you've never taken him or her to the dentist then you're probably wondering what to expect. Or if your child is older and going for the first time they may have some anxiety. Here is a breakdown of exactly what to expect so you and your child can be ready for their first visit.